The Stranger

Dare to meet the Royal Ayoub as they embark on a conquest of history. The iconoclastic prince, Dahshan al Ayoub, has transformed the fortunes of his decrepit island, turning it into a regional jewel, drawing the envy of his neighbors. Notably, drawing the ire of Prince Faisal of Almaaz, a prince for his time- young, rash, dangerous.

The first in Barakunan's science fiction series titled the Flower of Asour- The Stranger, the Story of Sister Sarah Shamlan is a rapturous adventure into the nexus of a tumultuous geo-political reshifting. The story is told from the perspective of Sarah Shamlan, who arrives on the island seeking shelter. Drawn into the madness of the royal shelter, she finds herself at the heels of fate, inching closer to her destiny. Rather suddenly, in the throes of unwarranted love, Shamlan indulges a royal lust that will shake the island’s foundations, spurring a movement of radical mysticism set on worldwide domination.

A story of misplaced tragedy and unfathomable expressions of love, the Story of Sister Sarah Shamlan is both a mirror to our time and a prophecy for the future.