The Martyrs

The Martyrs are mythmakers of the modern world. They lend themselves to the passions of the cult of Ra- unmasking the world that they imagine. Journey with the seductive voice of Zahreddine- speaker of a lost generation- as they indulge in the phantasms and rituals of the Martyrs. They are imagined as heroes of a new world order, bent on reclaiming fantasies of the future from a generation that has been robbed.

The Case for Bara- A series of texts determined by the hand of Zahreddine. The Martyrs is the first publication, part of a bi-annual series that prescribes and redefines in strongly poetic terms the battlegrounds of the future. Where will these rebels rise, who are determined to capture the hearts and minds of their peers and to eradicate the mobility of their aggressors? Determined not to be weakened by the superior forces of their aggressors, the Martyrs rely on will, as captured by the eccentric Zahreddine. Drawing on the position of the Arab in contemporary politics, Zahreddine poses a very timely question: Are the Martyrs here?