The Stranger

Dare to meet the Royal Ayoub as they embark on a conquest of history. The iconoclastic prince, Dahshan al Ayoub, has transformed the fortunes of his decrepit island, turning it into a regional jewel, drawing the envy of his neighbors. Notably, drawing the ire of Prince Faisal of Almaaz, a prince for his time- young, rash, dangerous.

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The Martyrs

The Martyrs are mythmakers of the modern world. They lend themselves to the passions of the cult of Ra- unmasking the world that they imagine. Journey with the seductive voice of Zahreddine- speaker of a lost generation- as they indulge in the phantasms and rituals of the Martyrs. They are imagined as heroes of a new world order, bent on reclaiming fantasies of the future from a generation that has been robbed.

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